Rex club, Social club, Nouveau Casino,

Bellevilloise, Maroquinerie, Parc Floral,

Zenith Paris, Printemps de Bourges, Pacha

Barcelone (Espagne), Vina Rock (Espagne),

Splash (Allemagne), Melkweg (Pays-Bas),

Le Baron Tokyo (Japon), Summer Sonic

(Japon), Arena (Chili), Fabric Londres

(Royaume-Unis), Ace Hotel, Apollo New

York (États-Unis), Distro Capital (Colombie)



With a curious and creative mind, Kodh is an imaginative Dj-Producer with taste and energy.

He delivers a mix of music from Hip-Hop to Electronic with quality and freshness.

The selections bring the right atmosphere – everyone is wriggling, moving, jigging then you capsize and from here sometimes you dance to jump in the rythm that is always positive, you exalt, you free yourself.

The experience Kodh creates for the audience will leave them entertained, pleased and with positive feelings.


Kodh regularly enjoys collaborating with other artists/organisations in different fields so that together they develop their talents and abilities to enrich our culture.
They explore genres, question practices, deliver new ideas and new works with a goal, touch us, delight us, help us.
You have an opportunity to bring expertise and value to your project so don’t hesitate and contact him.


Kodh did one of the first dj-turntablist video online back in 2003 that goes viral.
Every week he releases a remix produced with new tech gears like his invention, the Swing, a new dj instrument.
The performance is live and reach an audience of 30 000 people  (40% male – 25/34) (36% male – 18/24).

It’s a moment where people can be exposed to new music technology and new music. You have the opportunity to show some of your gears or even do a creative collab to engage with the audience.